Economic Dimensions of Non-Communicable Disease in Latin America and the Caribbean (OUTLINE)

Author: PAHO and DCP3 Staff


Andre Medici, Mauricio Hernandez, and Anselm Hennis 


The purpose of this book, which will serve as a complement and companion to the Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition volumes, is to: (i) document the health and economic impact of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) in Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC); (ii) describe optimal and current policy responses to NCD, both within the health sector and across sectors; and (iii) provide guidance and recommendations to policymakers.
The primary audience for the book is national and regional decision makers: finance and health policymakers in Latin America and Caribbean. Additional audiences are health planners, public and private sector health care administrators, professional medical associations, researchers, and health advocacy groups.
Working Papers:
1. The Cost-Effectiveness of NCDs and Their Risk Factors in the PAHO Region: A Systematic Review of Literature
2. Indicators for Monitoring the Socio-Economic Dimension of NCDs: A Pilot Study in Chile
3. Macroeconomics of NCD Health Policy
4. Social Determinants of Non-communicable Diseases
5. Risk Factors in the Region of the Americas: The Sources of the Burden