Risk Factors for Cardio-metabolic Disorders

Each chapter describes a risk factor, surveillance and HMIS status and issues, including differences across regions, and synthesizes the evidence on effectiveness of interventions.  Exemplary cost-effectiveness calculations from the literature would appear here for each RF or related RF cluster. They will be summarized in the economics chapters in Part IV of the volume.


3. Early origins of cardio-metabolic disease (Lead author: Caroline Fall)

4. Tobacco and cardiovascular disease: A summary of evidence (Lead author: Ambuj Roy)

5. Physical activity for the prevention of cardiometabolic disease (Lead author: Fiona Bull)

6. Diet and nutrition (Lead author: Dariush Mozaffarian)

7. Weight management (Lead author: Vasanti Malik)

8. Pharmacologic management of cardiovascular disease prevention (Lead author: Neil Poulter)