David Wilson

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

David Wilson, PhD in infectious disease modeling, is a Senior Program Officer in Decision Sciences at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, David was a Professor of Modeling & Health Economics at the Burnet Institute and Monash University in Australia, and CEO of the Optima Consortium for Decision Science, where he was leading teams conducting applied research into improving efficiency in health responses. In 17 years as an academic prior to joining the Gates Foundation, his dominant focus was on allocative efficiency for major infectious diseases (with special focus on HIV) although has also worked in other areas of health and complementary methods. This includes, for six years being the Head of Public Health Surveillance in Australia for blood-borne viruses and STIs. Most of his work has been conducted to support LMIC governments and their local or global partners to make better decisions for health through the generation, synthesis and promotion of quantitative evidence including surveillance, modeling, health economics and resource allocation, strategic target setting, supporting strategic purchasing and financing, and capacity building in countries for the translation of evidence to policy and programming. Working in approximately 40 countries on all continents, he has published over 230 scientific papers and delivered over 500 scientific addresses.