Majid Ezzati

Imperial College

Dr. Majid Ezzati is an Adjunct Professor of International Health at Harvard University’s Department of Global Health and Population. His research interests are centered around understanding the determinants of, and risk factors for, health and disease at the population level. Dr. Ezzati’s two main areas of research are energy, air pollution and health in developing countries; and major health risk factors and their role in current and future global disease burden.

Dr. Ezzati was awarded the WHO Global Health Leadership Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 2000. At WHO, he was Lead Scientist for the Comparative Risk Assessment Project, which was part of the World Health Report 2002: Reducing Risks, Promoting Healthy Life. Dr. Ezzati has published more than 100 articles and four books and is a member of a number of expert and advisory groups in global health and global environmental health. Dr. Ezzati holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in engineering from McMaster and McGill universities and a PhD in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy from Princeton University.