Non DCP3 Articles

Global Disease Burden of Conditions Requiring Emergency Surgery
Lead Author: Barclay Stewart
, British Journal of Surgery
Advancing Social and Economic Development by Investing in Women's and Children's Health: A New Global Investment Framework
Lead Author: Study Group for the Global Investment Framework for Women's and Children's Health
, Lancet
Delivery Cost of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination of Young Adolescent Girls in Peru, Uganda and Viet Nam
Lead Author: Carol Levin
, Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Cost of Surgical Procedures in Indian Hospitals
Lead Author: Susmita Chatterjee
, British Medical Journal Open
Lancet Comment: 2013, An Anniversary, and a Time to Take Stock
Lead Author: Richard Horton
, The Lancet
From Financing to Fevers: Lessons of an Antimalarial Subsidy Program
Lead Author: Ramanan Laxminarayan
, Science
The Affordable Medicines Facility—Malaria: Killing It Slowly
Lead Author: Hellen Gelband
, The Lancet