Rethink HIV: Smarter Ways to Invest in Ending HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Bjorn Lomborg


Thirty years after the identification of the disease that became known as AIDS, humanitarian organizations warn that the fight against HIV/AIDS has slowed, amid a funding shortfall and donor fatigue. Yet HIV is still the biggest killer of women of reproductive age in the world, and of men aged 15-59 in sub-Saharan Africa. Time is ripe for a reassessment of current policy and expenditure.

The Rush Foundation asked the Copenhagen Consensus Centre to commission a group of leading health academics to analyze policy choices and identify the most effective ways to tackle the pandemic across sub-Saharan Africa.

RethinkHIV identifies effective interventions in the fight against HIV/AIDS across sub-Saharan Africa. It applies cost-benefit analysis to highlight investments and actions that can make a significant difference.

DCP3 series editor Dean Jamison co-authors Chapter 6 on vaccine research and development. 



Lomborg, B (ed). 2012. Rethink HIV: Smarter ways to invest in ending HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. New York: Cambridge University Press.