The Need for National Commitments to Cancer Research to Guide Public Health Investment and Practice

Authors: Edward L. Trimble, Preetha Rajaraman, Ann Chao, Thomas Gross, Carol Levin, You-Lin Qiao, Timothy Rebbeck, Lisa Stevens, Fang Zhao


Health research in general, and cancer research in particular, is a necessity in all countries across the income spectrum. Topics for research may vary by a country’s specific burden of risk factors and cancers. National governments would benefit from support of the infrastructure for health surveillance, including surveillance for cancer risk factors, incidence, survival, and mortality, as well as policies to facilitate the research necessary to inform effective cancer prevention and control. Such support includes improving education and training for all the disciplines required for health research, as well as strengthening international collaboration in cancer research. Finally, implementation science, including real-time evaluation of new and ongoing cancer control programs, is needed to guide decisions and financing for public health interventions relevant to cancer.





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