Specialized Surgical Platforms

Authors: Mark Shrime, Ambereen Sleemi, Thulasiraj Ravilla

A large fraction of the burden of disease comprises conditions that are potentially amenable to surgical intervention (chapters 1 and 2) (Bickler and others 2015; Mock and others 2015). The proportion is higher in low- and middle income countries (LMICs) (Shrime, Sleemi, and Ravilla 2014). Because of difficulties in access to surgical care—often due to issues of cost, transportation, infrastructure, and a lack of providers (Chao and others 2012; Ilbawi, Einterz, and Nkusu 2013; Knowlton and others 2013; Linden and others 2012)—this surgical burden is sometimes borne by the international charitable sector.
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