Population and Community Platform Interventions

Authors: Inge Petersen, Sara Evans-Lacko, Maya Semrau, Margaret Barry, Dan Chisholm, Petra Gronholm, Catherine Egbe, Graham Thornicroft


This chapter provides evidence from high-income countries (HICs) and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) for population-wide and community-level interventions that improve mental health in LMICs and that often require coordinated efforts among different sectors, such as health, education, social development, labor, and criminal justice systems. Interventions at the population platform have a broad reach, promoting and protecting the mental health of the entire population through legislation, regulations, and public campaigns. Legislation and regulations to control alcohol demand can reduce consumption in LMICs at minimal cost; and taxation on alcohol products is recommended as best practice. Interventions at the community platform have less reach but offer more depth and intensity. In the workplace, mental health promotion strategies can integrate stress reduction and awareness of alcohol and drug misuse into occupational health and safety policies; and schools can offer life skills training to promote social and emotional competencies, a strategy recommended as best practice.