Physical Activity for the Prevention of Cardiometabolic Disease

Authors: Fiona Bull, Shifalika Goenka, Vicki Lambert, Michael Pratt


An overview of the potential of public health action aimed at increasing population levels of physical activity and contributing directly and indirectly to reducing cardiometabolic diseases is presented in this chapter, by (1) providing data on global and regional levels of physical activity and the burden of disease attributable to inactivity; (2) providing an overview of the epidemiological evidence on the protective effects of physical activity and emerging evidence on the risks of sitting and sedentary activities ; (3) summarizing the available evidence on the cost of physical inactivity to the health sector; (4) presenting the most promising policy and program actions across seven key settings to increase population-level physical activity and, where available, evidence on their cost-effectiveness; and (5) reviewing the opportunities for action through global, regional, and national policy initiatives and by identifying some of the challenges and barriers to implementation. National strategies should include policies and programs across multiple settings which prove adaptable to country context and culture.