Chapter 9: Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene

9A: Overview of studies presenting damage costs of poor water, sanitation and hygiene at national level

9B: Effectiveness of enabling environments

9C: Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit studies on water, sanitation and hygiene 

9D: Intervention sustainability

9E: Intervention financing


Chapter 10: Interventions to Prevent Injuries and Reduce Environmental and Occupational Hazards: A Reivew of the Economic Evaluations from Low- and Middle-Income Countries

10A: Search terms used to identify relevant literature

10B: Flow chart of identification, screening, and eligibility for included studies

10C: List of included studies, main findings, and quality assessment


Chapter 11: Helmet Regulation in Vietnam: Impact on Health, Equity, and Medical Impoverishment

11A: Supplementary tables and figures on the effects of Vietnam’s mandatory helmet legislation on health, equity, and medical impoverishment


Chapter 12: The Impact of Household Energy Interventions on Health and Finances in Haryana, India: An Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

12A: Supporting Information