Chapter 1. Child and Adolescent Health and Development: Realizing Neglected Potential

Annex 1A: Analysis of Published Literature Describing Health and Mortality, Ages 0-19 Years


Chapter 4:  Measuring Impact: Education

Annex 4A. Participating Educational Systems in International Assessment of Student Achievement, 1995–2015

Annex 4B. Performance of 15-Year-Old Students in 10 Top-Performing Educational Systems in PISA, 2012

Annex 4C. Comparison of Skill Proficiency among Adults, 2011

Annex 4D. Average Percentage Correct, by Item, in Gansu, China, and Rajasthan and Orissa, India, Compared with International Average

Annex 4E. Percentage of Variance in Achievement Explained by Differences between Schools and between Students in Rajasthan, Orissa, and Gansu

Annex 4F. Factors Associated with Student Achievement in Grade 9 in Rajasthan and Orissa, India

Annex 4G. Factors Associated with Student Achievement in Grade 8 in Gansu


Chapter 5: Measuring Impact: Health Risks and Disease

Annex 5A. Characteristics of Important International Data Sources Used in Adolescent Health Indicators

Annex 5B. Availability of Information from International Data Collections to Populate Indicators of Adolescent Health, 2000–12


Chapter 14: Malaria in Middle Childhood and Adolescence

Annex 14A: Estimates of Oarasitemia and Clinical Disease Among School-Aged Children in Africa 


Chapter 15: School-Based Delivery of Vaccines to 5 to 19 Year Olds

Annex 15A: Supplemental Figures and Tables for School-Based Vaccines 


Chapter 18: Health and Disease in Adolescence

Annex 18A: Methods

Annex 18B: Evidence of Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions, Including HIV


Chapter 22: Getting to Education Outcomes: Reviewing the Evidence from Health and Education Interventions 

Annex 22A. Impact of Interventions on Education Outcomes

Annex 22B. Median Significant Effect Sizes on Education Outcomes


Chapter 24: Economic Factors in Defining the Early Childhood Package

Annex 24A: Literature Search Terms and Methods


Chapter 26: Economic Factors in Defining in Adolescence Package

Annex 26A: Methodology and Results of Systematic Search, Cost-Effectivenes Analysis


Chapter 28: Maternal Deaths and Impoverishment Averted by Postponing Adolescent Parity in Developing Countries

Annex 28A: Estimation Methods Used in the Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Postponing Adolescent Parity


Chapter 30: The Effects of Education Quantity and Quality on Child and Adult Mortality: Their Magnitude and Their Value

Annex 30A. Countries Included in the Regression Analysis

Annex 30B. Descriptive Statistics

Annex 30C. Technical Annex: Hierarchical Linear Model

Annex 30D. Incorporating Education’s Effect on Mortality into Internal Rates of Return

Annex 30E. Cost of Education, by Level

Annex 30F. Sensitivity Analysis of Benefit-Cost Ratios and Internal Rate of Return