Chapter 1. Child and Adolescent Health and Development: Realizing Neglected Potential


Chapter 4:  Measuring Impact: Education


Chapter 5: Measuring Impact: Health Risks and Disease


Chapter 14: Malaria in Middle Childhood and Adolescence


Chapter 15: School-Based Delivery of Vaccines to 5 to 19 Year Olds


Chapter 18: Health and Disease in Adolescence


Chapter 22: Getting to Education Outcomes: Reviewing the Evidence from Health and Education Interventions 


Chapter 24: Economic Factors in Defining the Early Childhood Package


Chapter 26: Economic Factors in Defining in Adolescence Package


Chapter 28: Maternal Deaths and Impoverishment Averted by Postponing Adolescent Parity in Developing Countries


Chapter 30: The Effects of Education Quantity and Quality on Child and Adult Mortality: Their Magnitude and Their Value