Non-Transport Unintentional Injury

Authors: Robyn Norton, Rajeev Ahuja, Connie H. Hoe, Adnan Hyder, Rebecca Ivers, Lisa Keay, David Mackie, David Meddings, Fazlur Rahman


Collectively non-transport unintentional injuries account for more deaths and disability-adjusted life years than either transport injuries or intentional injuries, with the leading causes comprising falls, drowning, burns and poisonings.  While the burden of death and disability is decreasing for most non-transport unintentional injuries, the falls burden is increasing, given ageing populations. Information about risk factors and cost-effective intervention strategies in low and middle-income countries is sparse. Global support from the United Nations, the WHO, academia, nongovernmental organizations, and commercial enterprises, with the support of the injury community and health practitioners, will be required to move this agenda forward.



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