Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions to Prevent HIV Acquisition

Authors: Geoffrey Garnett, Shari Krishnaratne, Kate Harris, Timothy Hallett, Michael Santos, Joanne Enstone, Bernadette Hensen, Gina Dallabetta, Paul Revill, Simon Gregson, James Hargreaves

Because of the severe health consequences of human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) and the costs of lifelong treatment, inexpensive and effective HIV prevention is bound to be cost-effective. But what constitutes HIV prevention, and can it be affordable and effective? The use of condoms that cost a few cents and prevent a young adult from acquiring a chronic and fatal disease will, over time, be cost saving. Avoiding sex with someone who is infected with HIV/AIDS will be even  more so. What can be done to get people to use condoms? What can be done to facilitate the avoidance of risky sexual encounters?