Chapter 1: Major Infectious Diseases: Key Messages from Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition

  • Annex 1A: Forty Sexually Transmitted and Sexually Transmissible Pathogens
  • Annex 1B: Sources for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Select Infectious Disease Interventions


Chapter 4: Management of HIV/AIDS and Co-Morbidities in Child and Adults: Cost-Effectiveness Considerations 

  • Annex 4A: Effectiveness of HIV Interventions 


Chapter 5: Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment as Prevention for HIV

  • Annex 5A: Studies of TasP in Serodiscordant Couples 
  • Annex 5B: Ecological Studies Examining the Effectiveness of ART on HIV Incidence 


Chapter 9: Improving the Efficiency of the HIV/AIDS Policy Response: A Guide to Resource Allocation Modeling

  • Annex 9A: List of Countries with Model Applications      
  • Annex 9B:  What Works Reviews


Chapter 10: Sexually Transmitted Infections: Impact and Cost-Effectiveness of Prevention 

  • Annex 10A: Search Terms Used to Identify Literature on the Impact of STI Prevention Interventions
  • Annex 10B: Search Terms Used to Identify Literature on the Cost-Effectiveness of STI Prevention Interventions


Chapter 12: Malaria Elimination and Eradication

  • Annex 12A: Status and Goals of Elimination Countries, by Region
  • Annex 12B: Regional Initiatives to Eliminate Malaria
  • Annex 12C: Potential Financing Mechanisms for Malaria Elimination 


Chapter 13: Malaria Control

  • Annex 13A: Dataset of Cost Studies
  • Annex 13B: Dataset of Cost-Effectiveness Studies 


Chapter 14: Febrile Illness in Adolescents and Adults

  • Annex 14A: Etiology of Severe Febrile Illness Studies of Adolescents and Adults, by Region 1980-2013
  • Annex 14B: Studies of Febrile Illness Costs to Households and Health Care Providers
  • Annex 14C: Studies Reporting the Cost-Effectiveness of Diagnostics and Treatments for Nonmalarial Fevers