Chapter 1: Universal Health Coverage and Intersectoral Action for Health

  • Annex 1A: Essential Package as they Appear in DCP3 Volumes 1 through 9


Chapter 2: Intersectoral Policy Priorities for Health

  • Annex 2A:Intersectoral Policies of DCP3’s 21 Essential Packages
  • Annex 2B: Essential Intersectoral Policies Covered in this Chapter
  • Annex 2C: Characteristics of Essential Intersectoral Policies Covered in this Chapter


Chapter 3: Universal Health Coverage and Essential Packages of Care

  • Annex 3A: An Essential Package of Interventions to Address Congenital and Genetic Disorders
  • Annex 3B: An Essential Package of Interventions 
  • Annex 3C: Interventions for Essential Universal Health Care (SEE CHAPTER)
  • Annex 3D: Notes on the Essential UHC Interventions in Annex 3C
  • Annex 4E: Methods of Appraisal of Essential UHC Interventions
  • Annex 3F: Findings from the Appraisal of Essential UHC Interventions 
  • Annex 3G: The Role of Surveillance in Achieving UHC


Chapter 4: Global and Regional Causes of Death: Patterns and Trends, 2000 - 2015

  • Annex 4A: Global and Regional Causes of Death 2000 - 2015: Data and Methods
  • Annex 4B: Global and Regional Burden of Disease 2000 - 2014: Methods and Summary Results 


Chapter 5: Annual Rates of Decline in Child, Maternal, Tuberculosis, and Noncommunicable Disease Mortality across 109 Countries Low- and Middle-Income Countries from 1990 to 2015

  • Annex 5A: Cross-Country Variation in Rates of Decline for Mortality Indicators, 1998 - 2013 (SEE CHAPTER)  
  • Annex 5B: Countries and Regional Groupings
  • Annex 5C: Distribution of Country Rates by Period
  • Annex 5D: Rate of CHange in Decline for Mortality Indictators
  • Annex 5E: Reaching Global Targets for Mortality Indicators


Chapter 6: Economic Burden of Chronic Ill Health and Injuries for Households in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

  • Annex 6A: Description of Data Sources and Search Strategy
  • Annex 6B: Search Strategy for Prospectively Designed Studies of Household Economic Effect of Chronic Disease


Chapter 7: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition

  • Annex 7A: Details of Interventions Included in Figures 7.1 - 7.4, by Increasing Cost per DALY Averted


Chapter 13: Strengthening Health Systems to Provide Emergency Care

  • Annex 13A: WHO Emergency Care Systems Framework


Chapter 15: Rehabilitation: Essential along the Continuum of Care

  • Annex 15A: Glossary of Rehabilitation Intervention Terminology 


Chapter 18: The Loss from Pandemic Influenza Risk

  • Annex 18A: Materials and Methods