Chapter 1: Universal Health Coverage and Intersectoral Action for Health


Chapter 2: Intersectoral Policy Priorities for Health


Chapter 3: Universal Health Coverage and Essential Packages of Care


Chapter 4: Global and Regional Causes of Death: Patterns and Trends, 2000 - 2015


Chapter 5: Annual Rates of Decline in Child, Maternal, Tuberculosis, and Noncommunicable Disease Mortality across 109 Countries Low- and Middle-Income Countries from 1990 to 2015


Chapter 6: Economic Burden of Chronic Ill Health and Injuries for Households in Low- and Middle-Income Countries


Chapter 7: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition


Chapter 12: Palliative Care and Pain Control


Chapter 13: Strengthening Health Systems to Provide Emergency Care


Chapter 15: Rehabilitation: Essential along the Continuum of Care


Chapter 18: The Loss from Pandemic Influenza Risk