HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections


1. Summary of key messages and discussion of investment framework (Lead author: editors)

2. Mortality and morbidity from HIV/AIDS (Lead authors: Kristen Danforth and Nancy Padian)

3.  HIV and STI's direct and indirect burden on disease outcomes including cancer, reproductive health and other co-morbidities (Lead author: Corey Casper)

4. Management of HIV/AIDS and co-morbidities in children and adults: Cost-effectiveness considerations (Lead author: Wafaa El-Sadr)

5. Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatment as prevention for HIV (Lead author: Charles Holmes)

6. Elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis (Lead author: Grace John-Stewart)

7. The cost-effectiveness of interventions to prevent HIV acquisition (Lead author: Geoff Garnett)

8. Sexually transmitted infections: Impact and cost-effectiveness of prevention (Lead authors: Sevgi Aral and Harrell Chesson)

9. Tailoring the local HIV response to the local HIV epidemic (Lead author: David Wilson)

10. Using models to guide policy: A synthesis of current effectiveness and cost-effectiveness models (Lead authors: Jim Kahn and Lori Bollinger)