Surgical Interventions


Section 1: Trauma and Emergency Surgery

3. Surgery and trauma care (Lead author: Richard Gosselin)

4. General surgical emergencies (Lead author: Colin McCord)


Section 2: Reproductive Surgery

5. Obstetric surgery (Lead author: Clark T. Johnson)

6. Obstetric fistula (Lead author: Mary Lake Polan)

7. Surgery for family planning, abortion, and postabortion care  (Lead author: Joseph Babigumira)


Section 3: Non-emergent Surgery

8. Surgical interventions for congenital anomalies (Lead author: Diana Farmer)

9. Hernia and hydrocele (Lead author: Jessica Beard)

10. Dentistry (Lead author: Richard Niederman)

11. Cataract surgery (Lead author: N. Venkatesh Prajna)